Acronyms :

APC Advsiory Planning Commission

CVRD Cowichan Valley Regional District

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FJCC Frank Jameson Community Center

HOCP Harmonized Official Community Plan

MOTI Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

OCP Official Community Plan

PAC Parks Advisory Commission


Requisition = Tax

Supplemental = A requisition (Tax) above the regular budget for a service.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How do I report a concern with an Area H Park?

CVRD Parks Hotline 250-746-2631 Report vandalism asap as it tends to discourage it.

2. How do I report a concern with road maintenance, water drainage, flooding etc?

Hotline for Mainroad Mid Island is 1-877-215-6006

Roads in a Regional District are the responsibility of the Province. Call the maintenance reporting line as a first point of contact for concerns.

Mainroad Contracting is responsible for servicing the MOTI’s 10 year contract, effective September 1, 2018, covering Central Vancouver Island roughly between the communities of Chemainus (North Cowichan) and Bowser (Regional District of Nanaimo).

3. What do I do if I have problems with potholes on my roads?

Report the potholes to Mainroad Contracting. You can call the Hot-line 1-877-215-6006 or email midisland@mainroad.ca Once reported there is a specified time for the pothole to be fixed. Call it in again if the repair doesn’t last.

4. How can I find out more information about roads?

The MOTI have a comprehensive FAQ section on their website. It covers topics from Traffic Operations to Wildlife Collisions.

The CVRD has information on road maintenance and snow plowing.

5. What is the difference between a Regional District and a Municipality?

The Advisory Planning Commission Handbook (page 2) gives an explanation of the evolution of Regional Districts.

6. How to subscribe to CVRD notifications.

Notification of a variety of items, from meetings to job opportunities, can be set up on the CVRD website.

7. Sharing the roads with horses

Everything you need to know about sharing the roads with horses can be found here.

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