Our Commissions

Commission meetings are open to the public and those interested are encouraged to attend. 

Advisory Planning Commission (APC)


Mike Fall (Chair)

Chris Gerrand (Vice Chair)

John Edwards (Secretary)

Allison Heikes

Doug Hoare

The purpose of the APC, as provided for in Section 898 of the Local Government Act is to:

“...advise the Board or a Director of the Board representing the electoral area, on all matters referred to it by the Board or by that Director respecting land use, the preparation and adoption of an official community plan, or a proposed bylaw or permit that may be enacted or issued under this Part.”

From the APC Handbook: The APC plays a key role in the decision making process respecting planning matters in the CVRD. Although the Commission has no particular decision making powers of its own, its comments and recommendations to the Regional Board can significantly influence the Board’s decisions and policies.

The APC Handbook details the roles and responsibilities for this commission. As well, it explains the establishment of Regional Districts and general background of the CVRD.

Parks Advisory Commission (PAC)

There are 2 vacancies for the PAC. If interested contact ben.maartman@cvrd.bc.ca


Brian Brown (Vice Chair)

Valerie Bresnahan

Murray McNab

Pamela Walker

The role of Parks Advisory Commissions, as outlined in CVRD Bylaw No. 4153, is to provide advice on issues referred to and pertaining to the following that are specific to the Electoral Area parks each Commission represents:

Annual Park Budget

Park and Trail Development

Park Amenities

Parkland Acquisition Opportunities

Park Volunteer Engagement

Area Park Events

The PAC Handbook details the roles and responsibilities for this commission.


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